A Short Economic History of Modern Japan

A short economic history of modern Japan
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A Short Economic History of Modern Japan. A Short Economic History of Modern Japan. Authors: NA, NA. Free Preview. A great book in briefing the economic history of Japan. The author make it clear how Japanese transformed from an agriculture dominated nation into the third.

Furthermore, there were developments in technique and organization which held great promise for the future. In some fields, the post-war decade was one of great development; in others, of preparation for advances to come. From this time onwards, statistical information is more abundant than in the pre-Taisho era.

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The censuses of and provide us, for the first time, with adequate data about the occupational distribution of the population, and attempts have also been made to measure the general economic progress that was achieved during the period. It is convenient to begin this chapter by a reference to the more important facts disclosed by these inquiries.

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Search all titles. This book is a result of a study of Japan's economic affairs that has extended over a considerable period. The study began during my residence in the country between and , and much of the material that forms the basis of the later chapters was collected during a second visit paid to Japan in for the purpose of investigating economic conditions at first hand.

I began to write the book early in , but the outbreak of the war compelled me to lay it aside for five years, and at the same time deprived me of access to some of the primary sources on which I should have liked to draw.

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The book was completed on the eve of Japan's surrender to the United Nations. I have tried to describe the process of economic development in Japan between the time when she first entered upon her career of Westernization and the beginning of the war with China in I have written in the belief that an appreciation of this process of development is necessary both to an understanding of recent events in the Far East and also to the formulation of a wise economic policy towards Japan now that she has been defeated.

But the book is intended to provide a background of knowledge rather than suggestions for policy or speculation about what is to come. Volume 64 , Issue 2 May Pages Related Information.

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Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. University of Hawaii Press. First, as many others have pointed out, if the Japanese economy already stands on the frontier of global technology, then further growth will depend on its own ability to expand those frontiers. I am greatly indebted to my wife for help in preparing the book for publication. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, But as has been noted, there are numerous other possible channels of influence ranging from political stability and property rights to life expectancy and fertility.

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