Sonata in B-flat major (K172/P313/LS40)

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Sight Reading RH play a steady even ostinato using only the note E, while the left Hand Independence hand plays the melody which consists only of ABC in different orders Expressive Playing and simple rhythms. Excellent for sight-reading, for hand independence, for expressive playing and for bringing up a melody on the left hand.

It can also be used as a seed for free improvisation. This is excellent for rhythm development and to introduce the student to old dance patterns which keep recurring on the piano repertory. Excellent recital material for the beginners. The harmonies are traditional, the writing is highly pianistic and they make up excellent recital material. If you are familiar with Kabalevskys pieces for children, this is similar. The interesting thing here is that they use the whole keyboard and introduce patterns that frequently appear in the more advanced pieces, so they are excellent preparatory pieces.

Again very good recital material for beginners. Grown ups may not find Alberti patterns it so useful, but for the below 10 is a great repertory. The second Broken arpeggios movement is the easiest, but also dull. II anon. Intro to 2-voice inventions Another excellent preparation for 2-voice inventions.

Hand independence Another excellent 2 voice canonic work that will develop hand independence and yet is easy enough for a beginner. II Anon. Hauntingly beautiful slow minuet.

Piano Trio No. 2 (Mendelssohn)

Hand independence Another very beautiful reflective minuet, which will develop hand independence. Bohm Intro to counterpoint Another good introduction to counterpoint that is simple enough for any beginner. Intro to 2-voice inventions Excellent piece to introduce canon round writing. Petzold Ornamentation beginner. Beautiful lyrical minuet, reflective and slow.

Sonata in B-flat major (K172/P313/LS40) Sheet Music by Domenico Scarlatti

For beginners omit the ornamentation. For more advanced players there is a lot of scope for learning the art of 4 Bach Minuet no 1 in B minor ornamentation with these two pieces. Skips Excellent piece for the virtuoso to be very easy but impressive , with Fast runs daring skips on the LH and fast runs on the RH. A favorite with kids. These can added later on when the student has progressed enough. Very effective at a fast speed, but equally beautiful at a much slower tempo.

The repetitive figuration in broken triads make it an excellent exercise as well. Allegro in C minor 3 Bach, C. March in D, H. Sinfonia No. Solfeggietto 5 Bach, C. Solo per il Cembalo, W. Sonata in C Allegretto 7 Bach, C. Sonata in F Allegretto 7 Bach, C.

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Sonatas Almost forgotten these days and almost never played, his sonatas are real gems. Again, all of the sonatas are around grade , so you should be able to manage. I particularly like w62 in G. Aria in A minor 2 Bach, J. Aria in F Only 16 bars long, this beautiful aria can be easily learned by a beginner and then be used at a later stage to teach improvised 8 Bach, J. Sonata in G Op. This sonata was written for Horowitz. Originally it had only the first three movements, but Horowitz insisted that Barber write a flashy finale for it, hence the - very difficult - fugue. My favourite though is Secrets also from op.

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Excellent exercise in equalizing the hands tone, and an exquisite piece of music. It sounds far more difficult. It is a bit more difficult though. Both of these however are not quite full-fledged sonatas they were most likely composed as exercises for his 6 Beethoven Sonata It is considered to be around grade 7, but if you can manage grade 5 pieces, you can 8 Beethoven Sonata Once you get used to it, it is very beautiful and 2 Bloch Enfantines lyrical.

Bloch composed a set of ten very interesting pieces called Enfantines, for his daughters. They are not for beginners though, except the first one, which may be tackled by a late beginner 6 months 1 year of 2 Bloch Lullaby Legato playing lessons : Impressionistic writing, this is a very expressive piece that allows for Cantabile the introduction of several concepts: Modes the piece is written in the Aeolian mode , legato playing the piece requires that one finger be held while the other fingers of the same hand play the melody above it , 7 Borodin Petite Suite no 4- Mazurka cantabile.

These are excellent arrangements of classical American folk tunes. Truly enchanting pieces. The LH mostly plays broken octaves, skipping over two octaves. Excellent for skip accuracy. And it is a wonderful, hauntingly beautiful piece. Posth 71 no. Menuetto 7 Chopin Sonata no. Largo 8 Chopin Souvenir de Paganini. Allegro ben ritmato e preciso Gershwin called this prelude Spanish.

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This is a fast virtuoso piece, very good as an encore. Andante con moto e poco rubato Gershwin called this prelude a blues lullaby.

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Allegro ben ritmato e preciso intermission. This is my favourite of the three and the most difficult. These are all short pieces, good as encores.

Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 17 in B-flat major, K. 570

Excellent for teaching how to voice between the hands. Excellent preparation for similar figuration in the more advanced repertory e. Mendelssohns Song without words op. Although easy, it is for 2 Gurlitt Morning prayer, Op. Beautiful chorale in three voices, will prepare for four voice chorales. Very easy. From here, go to the one below. Excellent to learn four part harmony and bring up the Bring out upper voice top voice in each chord. Very good to develop the inflection of short melodic motifs.

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For the budding virtuoso. Good for learning how to contrast the grazioso section with the scherzo section. Omit the ornaments for the early beginners. Very easy, but Bass Melody 4th mvmt due to the unexpected skips it teaches one to think ahead. Excellent for forearm rotation and bringing the bass melody over the mist of sound created by the very fast RH. Hands swap figurations occasionally, so both hands get a workout.

Sergei Rachmaninoff

More advanced beginners can start working on speed. To Copland the adagio was "the crowning movement of the quartet". By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dotted figuration, including dotted rests. The main difficulty is to be found in the several bars where the hands cross. Please enter a valid postcode.

Accuracy 3rd mvmdt Beginners can easily master this movement at slow speed. More advanced beginners can start working on speed. How to work for speed, how to get accuracy, etc. Purple Poverty op.

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Probably better suited to older students. Good for awakening the skills for expression in ones playing. Good preparation for Chopin Op. I like no. As you know beginners have difficulty with chords, so this is a good one. All of his work is highly poetic and romantic.