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Q&A: Adam Ant on the Origins of Punk and Meeting Michael Jackson
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It finds Adam in gritty rock mode.

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The sleazy raunch of Marco Pirroni's guitars and the forceful attack of the rhythm section provide the perfect setting for Adam to get down and dirty. Random bursts of feedback haunt the song and add to the tension, while Pirroni's chaotic guitar solo is raw perfection. The galloping drums and shimmering glam-affected guitars ring out as Ant sings of auto, and other, frustrations.

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Classic pop all the way. The guitars are brutal, the vocals snotty and in your face. This non-album track originally appeared as the b-side to the 'Stand And Deliver' single. The shrill notes Adam hits at song's end are wondrous, and the song manages to combine the raw punky side of the Ant sound with the tribal aspects, and the two styles work together perfectly. As for the lyrics The opening number from the landmark album 'Kings Of the Wild Frontier,' 'Dog Eat Dog,' third on our list of the 10 Best Adam Ant Songs, set the tone for not only the album, but for the Ants invasion about to happen.

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Instantly recognizable and unforgettable. Where is the warrior without his pride?! Unlike anything else making the rounds at the time, 'Antmusic' was and actually still is utterly unique. Sure, it contains elements from pop music's past, but they are all mixed up into one fabulously tasty new flavor. They had made their name and stated their case with 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier,' and now, they were stars. This is where everything about the Ants sound totally gelled. The pop, the glam, the Burundi, the tribal, the chaos: It's all here in giant technicolor sound.

You may have been Ant-icipating seeing your favorite on our list of the 10 Best Adam Ant Songs, and perhaps we missed it.

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Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. You can get the full story in Adam Ant's autobiography - it's a cracking read. When Prince encountered Vanity with Adam at some show he wasn't best pleased, with a combination of what Adam called professional and personal jealousy! Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. The story I heard was that a teenage Stuart Goddard aka Adam was somewhat starstruck by the presence of McLaren, who promised to make The Ants "the next big thing" as he had the Pistols.

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That's one of the best rooms in the hotel. Adam Ant Winter Gardens, Margate. New wave post-punk punk rock alternative rock. Adam Ant Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Before you contact us please be sure to check our frequently asked questions as our most common questions are answered there already, such as: Where are my tickets? After I cheated off of him and studied with him though, I did get to For example, we may freely share such information with third parties who may use such data for their own marketing, advertising, research, or other business purposes.

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Adam Ant is an English singer and musician. He gained popularity as the lead singer of new After taking and passing six O levels and three A levels in English, History and Art Goddard .. In an official statement, Ant expressed an intention to perform further gigs later in the year once his hospitalisation had ended. Adam and the Ants were an English rock band active during the late s and early s. .. In the Judge Dredd story "The Ant Man", from the British comic AD (issue ), one of the three-man-eating ants is called Adam. on early Adam and the Ants ยท The Official Adam Ant Story by James Maw (PDF).

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Do It Records. Sell This Version. Prince Charming Album 50 versions. Peel Sessions Album, Comp 6 versions. Strange Fruit.

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