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He reached for it, and used it to brace the door, before slumping against it himself.


There was a loud thump as the zombies slammed against the other side, trying to gain entry. Their dead hands scratching the wood in a futile attempt to reach their prey. He jerked and reached for his sword, only then remembering it was still on the floor where he had dropped it, on the other side of the door. A hint of red twinkled within the depths of otherwise dead black eyes. Thin lips pulled back to reveal long yellowing teeth.

A breath of cold, as if from a tomb, washed over him. He screamed as chill fingers wrapped around his neck, and tried pulling at a wrist that should have snapped off in his grasp, yet the hand remained firmly where it was, and squeezed.


He tried to shout as he felt two sharp fingers pierce his eyeballs, but his body refused to co-operate. Pain ran through his head as his ocular orbs burst like ripe grapes, spilling blood down his cheeks.

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His body spasmed as he was lifted off the floor and pinned against the wall. All we get is cut to pieces. He chewed on a piece of fresh brain, taken from the newly killed fighter, as he spoke. If only. Well, I better scrape up the remains of Arnold I suppose.

Tired of Death - Book 1 - Dungeon

Dreth shook his head as the undead closed the door to his crypt. He looked down at the latest catch and then dragged him over to the side of the room. Another death. How many was that over the years? A hundred? A thousand? He had stopped counting. Sure, it had been fun being undead, or whatever he was, when he was first posted here.

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Ripping the eyeballs out of adventurers still living skulls, tearing off limbs and generally finding horrible ways to kill and torture. He did a fair imitation of a sigh, and gazed around his chamber. The room was a reasonable size, due deference to his status, with another small chamber off to one side. Standard dungeon design, the walls were made of dark stone blocks, as was the floor, which was cluttered with loot.

Most of the gear was armor and weapons taken from his many victims, but a couple of chests near the back were stuffed with gold. The coins and jewels were a kind of torture in themselves. The other room held piles of bones, the remains of adventurers foolish or unlucky enough to cross his path.

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It was his own fault, he admitted to himself. Still, what were his choices, really? He could search for the wizard, but he knew the odds were slim that he was still alive after all this time.

rofiltdingcing.tk Then again, he could remain as he was. Sure, one day someone powerful enough to beat him for good may come through his door, but that could be a thousand years hence. He sat down on his chair made of bones and thought about that. A thousand years.

Ten centuries stuck in this place. No, it was no good. Maybe the treasure the dungeon guarded was the answer.

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It was supposed to include some sort of super magical artifact, and that might have the power to free him. He was a pretty ferocious guardian, but there were supposed to be worse elsewhere in the dungeon. The Halfling thief was clad in black leather, with a short bow and quiver slung over his shoulder.

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Several daggers were strapped to his chest, and he carried a small pack on his back. It was all standard dungeon exploring issue. Sighing, he turned and examined the ground just ahead of them once more. The corridor looked the same as the others they had been wandering around in for the past several hours. This area of the dungeon was obviously designed to confuse, and it did a good job of it. The section here was straight, sloping down slightly.

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